Are You Dressing Too Sexy for the Gym?

Yeah, you. You know who you are. The one with the shortest shorts in the room and wearing a push up bra strong enough to make your boobs smack you in the chin. Hair full out, cascading over your shoulders, and with a full face of makeup on. You.

The men all pause when you walk into the room...and you love every second of it. Watch it, Miss Sexy...with your come hither chic and dare to be nearly bare attire your liable to cause an accident in the weight room!

Now, there's nothing wrong with being fit and sexy and showing off the fruits of your hard work some. After all, that's a big part of the reason many of us keep up our workout schedule at the gym. We know that the hard work and dedication will pay off tenfold. A healthier body, stronger immune system, and loss of excess weight is only the tip of the iceberg. You know that this is what's helping you to look amazingly fit, sexy and HOT! They're drooling everywhere you go, and it's worth every penny you're paying for it!

But listen, looking great and having a sexy, hot body doesn't mean you have to hit everyone over the head with it 24-7. Try to remember, people on the gym floor need to be concentrating on the exercises they're doing, not on you. That guy in the weight room that dropped a dumbbell on his foot? Victim of an overly sexy dresser. Pull it back a bit, sweetie. You really don't want the guys to get hurt, do you?

And if you're not sure if you're dressing too sexy or not, take this little test. The same outfit you're wearing in the gym? Step right outside and walk down the street with it on. If your make it back safely without too many catcalls, business propositions and without getting snatched up off the sidewalk by one of your more aggressive admirers, chances are it's not too racy for the gym. If not, well, you know. Keep the super sexy getups for knocking them dead elsewhere. Try to tone it down. While at the gym, be sane, be safe, and try to dress a little more appropriately for the task at hand. Someone else's safety might depend on it!


earthlingorgeous said...

"push up bra strong enough to make your boobs smack you in the chin"... lol love this part! hahahaha!

I really don't go to the gym but yeah I know those type of girls makes me wanna poke a needle on those peeping boobs ... pooof! ooops! LOL!

And the tips for sexy legs... I do home exercises and mimic what Cindy Crawford has on her fitness video ... I don't like my legs much but my hunny thinks they're great so that's cool :)

aphotog said...

this is sooo hilarious !! Hate seeing those people at the gym dripping makeup and straddling the line of a clothing malfunction. You show that stuff off AFTER the gym when you've worked it into "near" perfection ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

Girl, you KNOW those ones are not just there to work out! LOL!

G said...

Oh boy do I know what you are talking about. When I see girls with full on makeup and sweating, all I think about is clogged pores nad zits!

Oh and I just wrote a piece on my blog titled, "Workout attire manifesto" If interested, visit

Katina said...

Girl, I love your blog sites! This particular entry on this site is hilarious. I see too many girls like this. I saw some today!

I will be keeping up with your blogs (adding you to my blogroll).. great job!

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