The Art of Flirting at the Gym

You're at the end of your third set on the chest press machine, and as you push out that last rep, you notice that the guy across the room with the nice, cut pecs and biceps is looking at you in the mirror while he does his bicep curls. He's hot, for sure, but is he flirting or just another narcissistic muscle head showing off? You move to the next machine and glance over at bicep guy. Yep. he's definitely checking you out, and he's the type you go for. Your next move is...
Well, what would you do? Let's face it, the gym is a hotbed of flirtation and sexual/dating possibilities. Depending on which you're after, the way you initiate or respond to a flirt at the gym can either make it happen, or make it just go away. Put your best game forward, and step up. Don't let the opportunity pass you by. You want to get it right, if you're going to get it....

Here's the quicklist of tips that will assure you of some successful flirting at the gym. Pay close attention!:

dress appealingly

be approachable

make eye contact


don't act nervous

just be friendly

make small talk

listen, don't just talk about yourself

flex and smile

just be natural

And....the mack daddy of them all, give compliments! Flattery will get you everywhere. Just make sure you're sincere about it so you don't come off as being phony.

Now, you have to pick your moment, choose your approach, and make your move. With a little practice and a whole lotta confidence, you'll be able to flirt at the gym with ease and confidence in no time. So, come on, let's do it! Flex, smile, and go get 'em, tiger!

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