Arms and the Man (and the Woman!) During Sex

man and woman push ups

To really have sustained fun in the bedroom, it's no joke. Holding certain positions really does require muscle stamina and strength. Find yourself ALWAYS trying to be on the bottom or hitting it from spoon position, guys? You know that you're doing that because of the intense tricep burn that you get when you try to stay on top because you don't work out! Ladies, that goes for you also! Are you finding that you can't stay in the cowgirl position for more than a minute or so? When you get there and start to do most of the work, you finally get to see what guys have to go through all of the time, right?

Well, both men and women can stay in these somewhat strenuous sexual positions longer if they only put in a little time for some weight work and resistance training at the gym. Even if you can't hit the gym, guess what? A few sets of pushups will go a long way in helping you to build that arm endurance of steel that can keep you up and in the pocket for an hour or more. Building up your core and back strength isn't a bad idea either, while you're at it.

Here are some exercises you can do to help keep up that arm endurance during sex:

Push Ups

Bench Press

Tricep Dips

Mountain Climbers

Bicep Curls

Straight Arm Plank

Do a few sets of 20 to 30 every other day or so and then you will have the potential to be an absolute BEAST in the bedroom!


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