Baby's Got Back!

So, your arms are toned, legs are firming up nicely, and your stomach is pretty flat, a six pack not too far off if you keep working your exercise regimen and keep your diet up to par. Your butt is so firm that a quarter could bounce off it and hit the ceiling! So far, your hard work is paying off in spades. However, don't forget to put the icing on that nearly perfect cake.

All the body parts mentioned definitely make for an excellent physique when paid careful attention to. But, let's not forget that back. You want to make sure they're impressed when seeing you come AND go, and a trim, sculpted back can make for one hell of an exit. So let's get to work on it!

First, let's break down the various muscles that make up your back.
Beginning from the highest point on down, we have the trapezius (traps), rear deltoid (a muscle of the shoulder), levator scapulae (the muscles that pull your shoulder blades close together), your rhomboids, latissimus dorsi (which give your back that tapered V shape), and the erector spinae (the muscles that help your upper body lift and stay upright). Here are some exercises to tone and strengthen them:

Back Exercises

Trapezius: shrugs, high angled cable rows

Rhomboids: seated row, back flys, bent forward row w/bar, one arm row

Latissimus Dorsi: lat pull downs, chin ups

Rear Deltoid: one or double arm flys, angled high

Levator Scapulae: scapular retractions, back flys, seated row

Erector Spinae: roman chair torso raises, supermans (prone)

Whether done with cables, dumbbells, resistance bands or weighted machines, these exercises will not only etch out some nice muscles in your back, but will also help to strengthen your core (when done in proper form) and improve your posture.
So, get that back work in, and pretty soon you'll be getting as many compliments on your back as you would on a ripped set of six pack abs!


Felicity said...

I have been looking at this blog, it is really helpful, as I am getting myself fit.

The Fitness Diva said...

Glad to hear it, felicity! I'll try to come back and update it with more great tips often!

Harry said...

Hi, very good info. But one question, is it imp only for women or even we men should be back caring? I mean in the same sense as that for a woman. I do back exercises but only for strengthening muscles, not for toning etc...

Pls reply

The Fitness Diva said...

Harry, when you do your back exercises, you are killing two birds with one stone.
Building up the muscles in your back, in addition to paying attention to diet will give you that toned appearance that will make everyone know that you've been working out and taking care of that back!
Men develop the muscles back there faster and easier than women, generally, so no worries! If you're doing your job with it, it's gonna look great!

Harry said...

Hi Fitness Diva,
Thanks for the reply, though it was so late.

I asked one strength trainer friend of mine and he told me there is one more advantage - in addition to the back muscles, the arms also benefit by back exercises... So its a kind of added advantage...

lion of the desert said...

hey diva,

i do muay thai but i still have some fat on my inner thighs...i can do double jump spin kick but this fat makes my legs look ugly any good easy solution?