Get Your Booty Ready to be Seen!

Summer is the season for baring that skin. Short shorts, baby tees, swimsuits, and for those that like feeling as much of the sun kissing their body as possible, thong bikinis.

A good exercise regimen that includes squats, lunges, dead lifts and leg raises should get you that nice, firm tone that looks good both in and out of anything you wear. Now that the hard work has been done, you also need to make sure that the skin covering that firm, toned flesh is as smooth and clear as can be. Especially on your back side.

What I'm talking about is skin care for the derriere. Yes! Absolutely!

Not only your face, neck, legs and other visible body parts need a skin regimen. Don't forget that could also use a bit of pampering too! Ever give yourself a butt facial? A good exfoliation mask a couple times a week could be your butt's best friend! Also, if you don't want to do a mask, a gentle salt scrub, hydrating peel, or facial treatment on your back side can not only rejuvenate and revive the skin, but also give your derriere a silky softness and luminous glow.

Finish off with a bit of coconut or fragrant oil, and wow them on the beach every time you walk by! It also makes for a great reveal in those more intimate moments...

For those of you who have lost some weight, stretch marks might be a bit of a problem in the area. While it's difficult to eliminate them completely, there are a few products that tackle the issue with visible results when used regularly, like Revitol, or Trilastin. You can find them online, or in any health and beauty section. These are the best at fading stretch marks visibly when used regularly over time.

So, while you're busy hitting those sessions at the gym to get it all tight and right, don't forget the skin covering that nice, firm butt. With attention to some good skin care, yours will not only look great, but will also be the complete total package, ready to be seen!


Kat Olivares said...

Great idea on the butt facial?

A butt spa can be a nice business...
Just a little contribution to add to your coming millions :-)

Bayu Aditya said...

this is the first time i heard about butt facial. quite an interesting idea tho

The Fitness Diva said...

If I had a spa, I'd definitely add it to the menu! ;)