Lift Those Boobies - No Surgery Necessary!

Every woman wants to have a lovely, firm bust that doesn't sag. In order to achieve that, you need to do exercises that work the pectoral muscles underlying the breast. Here is a list of exercises that you can use to get a firm, youthful, high riding bust, no surgery necessary!

Bench Press

Using a bar or two large dumbbells, lay on your back on the bench, and press the weights straight up, squeezing your pectoral muscles. In this position, you can opt for heavier weights than usual, since your back is fully supported.

Chest Fly

Laying on a bench on your back, open your arms out until they're level with your shoulders, weights in hand. Slowly lift both weights at the same time, palms facing each other until they come together above you. This is an excellent exercise that isolates and targets the pectoral muscles completely.

Tray Lift

Standing, grasp a bar or dumbbells in your hands, palms facing up. With a very slight bend in both arms, lift the weight up to chest or shoulder level, hold for a second, and then return to the start position with your abs tucked in. This lifting motion develops and strengthens the pectorals and the surrounding surrounding muscles. You should use light to moderate weight for this exercise.

Push ups

The old standby we all know and love. Push ups are effective not only for the triceps and shoulders, but also the chest. To target the pectoral muscles, do your push ups with a wider hand placement than normal, hands on the floor far outside the shoulder line. This will cause you to have to recruit more chest muscle in the push part of the movement.

Cable Cross Flys

This is one of the most excellent methods of exercise you can use to lift and improve the prominence of those pectoral muscles. With light to moderate weight on both sides of the cable machine, stand facing away from the machine, feet shoulder width apart, weighted cables in hand. From the low position, and keeping the arms in a rounded position, bring your hands together in front of your chest, squeezing your pecs as both hands come to the center. The resistance of the cables in this unsupported position will really cause those pectoral muscles to work harder than usual. Work nice and slow through a few sets of reps.

You don't necessarily have to go for surgery to get a breast lift, except in the most extreme of cases. With an exercise regimen that includes the above exercises done at least three times a week, you should begin to see the results you want within a few months. Try to remain consistent, and as you get stronger, you can slightly increase the amount of weight you use. With a little more attention to diet and the right exercises, you should see the appearance of your bust improve significantly!


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