The Fitter You Are, the Better the Sex!

Fit people make better lovers. Yep. It's true. Just think about all the energy, stamina, muscle strength, maneuverability and flexibility it takes to be really good in bed.

You don't make your partner see stars by just laying there; good sex takes skill and some strenuous yet fun work. For the guys, being able to hold sexual positions while maneuvering the pelvis with precision at varying speeds for lengthy periods of time (if you're REAL good)....well, let's just say, it's not that easy! The best at it have good lower back and core strength, strong hips and good strong triceps. The guys that have all that and know how to use it? Well, they're the ones that are talked about the most the next day. Bragging rights are great when you don't have to be the one doing the bragging!

With women, exercise improves a woman's body self image and imbues her with a confidence that allows her to be more expressive and more open sexually, both in and out of bed. Her good hip, core , back strength and flexibility, not to mention the appeal of her toned, supple flesh and taut skin can help her to take her partner's sexual experience to a whole new level, especially if she's the creative type. It can give an entirely new meaning to the term "sexual escapades". Let the bedroom antics begin!

Having a healthier, fitter body gives you the tools to go in there and really put it ON somebody. You know what I mean! So start hitting the gym and make it happen, people! The best sex of your life awaits!


Carol Bardelli said...

I can totally validate this! We're 48 and 59 and pulled a off two separate sessions one night recently. That takes stamina.

The Fitness Diva said...

You guys rock! ;)

Tiffany Scott said...

Proof that life doesn't end until you die.