Sexy Glutes! How to Get a Firm, Round, Sexy Butt!

Are you a candidate for a super glute makeover? When you look at yourself in profile or from the back view, is what you see back there firm, pert and sitting up nicely, or is it flabby, droopy and/or barely there?

Well, if it's one of the latter, don't despair. With just a few basic exercises and changes in your diet, you too can have that firm, round, sexy butt that looks great both in jeans and out.

Here's how to get it:

#1 - Squats and Lunges Are Your Friend

Squatting and lunging with weights a minimum of 3 x a week will make a big difference in the shape, tone and appearance of your backside. For best results, squat or lunge with a weighted bar across your shoulders. Walking or mobile lunges are also great for toning up the entire back of the leg and the glutes.

Do as many as you can per session. At the gym, use the weighted leg press, Smith machine and butt press with medium weights. Do 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

#2 - Up the Protein, Cut the Fat

In your diet, eat more lean proteins, cut down on foods high in processed sugars, and avoid fried and greasy foods loaded with saturated fat like margarine and butter. The extra protein will help in the development of your gluteal muscles, and eliminating the bad fats and sticking with the good fats found in items like flax oil, soy oil, salmon and tuna, will help insure that the natural layer of fat covering your glutes will be more smooth and supple as opposed to cottage cheesy cellulite.

#3 - Get Up Off Your Butt!

Yes, sitting around on it too much, or in other words, not staying active, will definitely cause your backside to spread out a bit. If you don't "use it", you certainly will lose it. The firmness and shapeliness of it, that is.

Keep it moving, and engage in activities that require serious legwork like dancing, kickboxing, soccer and stair climbing. Within time, you'll see that derriere of yours start to perk up, round out and start looking firm and fabulous. And isn't that how it should be? You bet, and yours can be that way too!

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