Sexual Positions That Burn the Most Calories

We know you're always wondering how many calories you really burn during various sex acts. Well, let's just cut to the chase and get to the top 2 calorie burners in the sexual position arena. And here they are!

Sexual Positions That Burn the Most Calories

For Men:

Holding your partner up against the wall, her legs wrapped around your hips or waist while you use your upper body strength (hands cupping and supporting her buttocks) to keep her in place and do your usual motions. Holding this position from 3 to 5 minutes takes quite a bit of strength, energy and stamina. The longer you hold it, the harder you work! Not for the out of shape guy!

For Women:

Woman On Top! You ladies get to not only see what it's like to have to do most of the work (like your man usually does), but will also get an intense lower back, inner thigh, core and hip work out. Most girls can't stay in this position for too long, simply because women don't get to practice it as much and as often as men do. Being on the bottom is always so much easier! 

To really get more control over this position, turn around and face away from your man. Find something like the baseboard of the bed to grab onto for extra leverage, and get to work, girl!
With more and more practice, you will be able to stay up and on there longer!

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Do you now how much each position burns? The most I've heard is six calories per minute. Nothing compared to 26 per minute fr kissing.